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Implementation at Truman State University

In August 2012, Truman State University implemented the Summon integration feature of version 2.0. Following are the steps we took to make it work in our environment. We installed SubjectsPlus on a Microsoft IIS version 6 server, so neither mod_rewrite nor Microsoft's IIS URL Rewrite module were available.

  1. In SubjectsPlus control, go to Admin->Config Site and change "Use SerSol Provided Disciplines" to: TRUE.
  2. Add a description and at least one discipline to the metadata for each guide. You can do this by opening a guide, selecting the "Metadata" tab, and filling in the desired fields. We populated the fields directly in MySQL using Perl scripts and UPDATE queries.
  3. (IIS-specific) As a site-specific alternative to mod-rewrite, our IT department added the following lines to our IIS Custom 404 page:
    if left(page,14)="/subsplus/api/" then
    newurl = replace(page, "/api/","/api/index.php/")
    end if
  4. (IIS-specific) To make this redirection method work, we made the following changes in /api/classes/sp_WebServicesHandler:
    1. Line 41: change "$i + 1" to: "$i + 2"
    2. Line 43: change "$i + 2" to: "$i + 3"
  5. We also made the following change in /api/classes/GuidesWebService. This appears to be a bug, so it may be fixed in future versions:
    Line 236: change:
    $lobjGuide['url'] = PATH_TO_SP . 'subjects/subject.php?id=' . $lobjRow['subject_id'];
    $lobjGuide['url'] = PATH_TO_SP . 'subjects/guide.php?subject=' . $lobjRow['shortform'];