Troubleshooting 2.0

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Here are additional troubleshooting tips for 2.0 as they arise. Tips for 1.0 are probably still relevant: Troubleshooting_1.x

When editing a guide, newly added boxes not saving after selecting Save changes

Michael O'B found that if you lengthen the setTimeout, it can remedy the problem.

 Line 195 : setTimeout(saveGuide, 2000); //doubled wait time

My guides are displaying as only one column!

There was a bug with the "non-responsive" layout of subjects/guide.php. Make sure you have updated code. See here:

The WYSIWYG editor box is not showing up!

Perhaps "Base Path for CKEditor" in admin > config site is not set properly. Double check that this looks right. In IIS, the installer might not get the correct path!

When I create a new user, I can't save their headshot!

It's probably a permission issue. The assets/users/ folder must allow the webserver to write to it (in order to create the folder for a new user, and then load the headshot)